• Removable Disk Protection

    This tips is really come in handy for those who often use removable disk hardware as file storage. Moreover,  if our removable disk hardware is used on several different computers, for example from one personal computer to other personal computer or from an internet cafe to other internet cafe, then, our removable disk will be infected by viruses before we realize and resulted in data loss

    The followings are some tips to protect our removable disk:

    1.   Make 2 or more partitions

    If you have removable disk with more than 1Gb capacity, you should make multiple partition. This is to anticipate fatal damage either because of other virus or other causes, we are still able to save data one of the partitions if you have to format the disk as the last option. In making partition, use NTFS format ( support windows 2000/2003/XP) not FAT32.

    Create one safe parts ( we must enter password to be able to access the part of removable disk which is safe – secure), and another part which is able to be accessed by public. If you use Windows XP Pro ( non Home edition) and its format is NTFS you can make password at a folder with the following steps:
    Control panel >> Folder Options >> View >> See checkbox at the bottom >> uncheck it >> OK. Then, right click the folder which will beprotected >> Properties >> Security >> chek all the deny columns >> OK. The folder will turn into 0 byte.

    2.  Use applications to protect removable disk.

    There are many tools to protect the folder and also file in storage device like:

    • File Protector
    • Folder Guard
    • Folder Lock
    • Mysecretfolder
    • Usbdiskguard
    • Carryit
    • Easy file Pro
    • Etc

    From all tools above basically has the same function which is protecting folder or file with password so that others cannot access the folder or cannot be infected by viruses.

    3.  Data Compression and Encryption

    Usually every removable disk always is packaged with its CD driver, in CD driver there exist a tool for “ Compression Support” and also “ Encryption Support”. But if we didn't get tool intended by we can apply other tool like WinRar to do compression and gives password at the data compression.

    Original article: http://njiee.blogspot.com/2008/12/proteksi-flashdisk.html


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