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    When you use a new Windows system, no matter it's Vista, XP or even older systems, it will run slower and slower over time. Because there are tons of problems accumulating when you implement a process or task, and you just don't notice it.

    Many things can cause Personal Computer runs slow. Junk files, unnecessary startup programs and corrupted or missing registry keys have great impact on computer performance. Many people underestimate the effect of those factors to the Personal Computer performance.

    When your hard disks are stuffed with too many junk files, the data access speed could be very slow. That is the reason why it takes you a long time to open a Word document file, audio or video. You should clean up some unnecessary files from hard disk and save limited space. This could improve the data access speed to some extent.

    Too many start up programs can also slow down the Windows boot. The more start up programs you enable, the slower Personal Computer boot up. It takes time for Windows to access the data and registry key value of the program. To speed up the Windows startup, you should disable some unnecessary programs.

    One of the most important parts in Windows XP and Vista is the registry. Registry stores the data which is vital to Windows and all programs. when you install a program, the data must be stored into registry before you can run it. If one registry key of the program is corrupted and missing, you probably cannot run it.

    If one registry key of Windows system is removed or changed by some accidental or illegal processes, it will lead to the computer running slow, Svchost.exe error, ActiveX error, DLL error, blue screen or even crash. It is vital to regularly clean up invalid keys and repair the corrupted keys.

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  1. Corrupt registry issues can cause all sorts of pc performance problems, including Slow Startup, poor application startup times, extremely slow shut down and more.Cleaning and optimizing your Windows registry with registry cleaner can speed up your computer’s performance and solve shutdown and startup problem.

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